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Which payday loan is
best for people with
bad credit?

Which payday loan is best for people with bad credit?

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Our loans offer people with a bad credit history or no credit at all a chance to get a personal loan. With loan repayments made on time and in full our loans could help people to correct their credit score or create a good score if they have never had credit before.

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Representative Example:
305.9% APR. £400 borrowed for 90 days.
Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31.
Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% (variable)

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Finacerr is NOT a lender – we are a licensed broker working with the most popular direct lenders in the market to find you the most suitable short-term loan plan. Our FREE quoting service compares more than 40 lenders quickly and finds you a lender with the lowest rate that they are willing to lend to you today.

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How to Get Safe Loans in the UK

In this day and age — and seemingly regardless of the continuing advancements in technology and security — fraudulent lenders still continue to pose as legitimate lending institutions. And with what appears to be a continuing proliferation of fraudulent lending firms both on the internet and out in the real world, individuals hoping to procure loans seem to be more vulnerable now than ever before. While borrowers were mostly best off procuring loans from the generally secure traditional lending firms, there’s one factor that often hinders borrowers from being able to secure financial assistance from these secure institutions. Due to the fact that the demand for loans and other loan solutions have been growing incessantly, banks and other traditional lending institutions have decided to place a system designed specifically to protect all lending firms. With this system in place, borrowers who do not have incomes that the lenders deem sufficient were automatically given poor credit scores. On the other hand, borrowers who have been falling behind their monthly payments — regardless of whether or not they were done intentionally — had their records reflect bad payment histories.

As a consequence, individuals with poor credit scores and bad payment histories were often precluded from securing any more loans from any of the traditional lending firms. Due to this, borrowers with poor credit were often left with very few, often implausible alternatives. Among these alternatives include borrowing from their relatives, or procuring underground loans from illegally operating lending institutions. And while the latter does provide borrowers with the temporary financial relief that they often need, these types of loans often come with long-term financial repercussions that only worsen their situations.

Because underground loans from illegally lending institutions impose incredibly high-interest rates, borrowers are often left to deal with much higher and far heavier fixed payment increments. As a result, many of them are left to deal with a cycle of financial difficulty, where borrowing to overcome ongoing financial predicaments seems never-ending. But with the recent innovations both in technology and the lending industry, borrowers now have access to more flexible, more affordable, and far better financial services.

Benefits of Getting Safe Loans in the UK

Other than allowing borrowers the security they need in securing loans to resolve their ongoing financial situations, these innovative new loan solutions provide borrowers much-needed alternatives especially due to their poor credit. Because traditional lending institutions have long precluded individuals with bad credit from procuring conventional loans from any of the traditional lending firms, borrowers have long been struggling in successfully finding lenders who will entertain their loan applications despite their poor credit scores. With the continuously piling up of the number of borrowers with bad credit, however, came the emergence of a whole new market. Due to the continuously proliferating number of borrowers with poor credit scores and bad payment histories, demands for more flexible yet affordable financial services only continued to grow. And in the in the lending industry’s attempt to address unmet needs in the market, innovative new loan solutions were eventually created. Through these innovative new financial solutions, borrowers are provided more flexible, more affordable, and far more secure loan options. In addressing their ongoing financial crises, borrowers no longer need to risk their security by procuring underground loans from the illegal lending institution. In light of the recent innovations in both technology and the lending industry, borrowers finally have access to secure loan services — even despite their bad credit. And since applications for these loans can be completed entirely online, borrowers no longer have to leave their own homes — or wait in long lines — just to submit their applications. With these innovative new loan services, borrowers can expect for much faster approvals and release of their loan funds, without having to risk their safety. Borrowers can finally have affordable loan solutions minus any security concerns.

When to Get An Instant Safe Loan

Unlike the application process that borrowers often have to go through in securing most conventional loans that traditional lending institutions usually offer, the procedures involved in applying for instant loans are a lot more simple — and by far, faster. Compared to most loans being offered by standard lending firms, instant loans are so much more convenient, practical and highly affordable. Through these types of loans, borrowers need not wait in long lines just to submit their applications. And because the processing of loan applications for instant loans are done instantaneously, borrowers can expect for their approvals almost immediately. With instant loans, applicants can expect for the release of their approved loans’ funds within the same day of their applications’ submission.

And since instant loans are loans that borrowers can avail of instantly, these loans make the best resolutions in pressing financial situations. In times of urgent and unexpected expenses, such as those related to hospital bills, accident-related costs, car repairs, and urgent home repairs, among others, instant loans make good financial options. Borrowers can also count on these loans for relatively small and affordable purchases, such as that of a new desktop, cellphone, laptop, and other gadgets — as well as other similar purchases, including travel expenses. With instant loans, borrowers can finally afford those much-needed purchases, without having to wait for far too long just to save up for them.

But while these loans are helpful and useful in many varying ways, they do not always make the best resolutions in every financial situation. Because instant loans are mostly small loans that borrowers can pay over short-term payment conditions, these types of loans do not really make the best options in situations that call for more elaborate long-term financial resolutions. For needs that require loans in amounts that are much bigger than what small loans can allow, borrowers are best off procuring bigger loans in much shorter payment conditions.

Safe Loans and Bad Credit: What Used to be Impossible, Now May Be

In the past, borrowers who were given poor credit scores or have records that reflect bad payment histories were automatically precluded from securing safe and affordable loans from banks and other standard lending firms. Because of this, borrowers often had to resort to resolutions which were either highly implausible or just downright deplorable. Hindered by their bad credit, borrowers were often left to either borrow money from their friends or members of their families or risk it all by procuring loans from lenders operating illegally. And while these highly unlikeable resolutions do allow borrowers the chance to address their ongoing financial situations, there are long-term repercussions that are often associated with some of these terms. This applies especially to underground loans from illegal lenders, where interest rates are far much higher than the rates that are normally being charged in most standard loans of traditional lending firms. And although borrowers may have entered into these agreements in hopes of addressing their ongoing financial crises, the high payment increments associated with these loans often leave them in perpetuated financial problems.

With the emergence of innovative new financial solutions, however, borrowers now have far better, more affordable, and much more secure financial resolutions. Through these innovative new loan options, borrowers are now able to enjoy the benefits usually associated with the conventional loans being offered by standard lending firms. With these new loans solutions, borrowers now have access to more reliable, more flexible, and far more secure loans — even with their poor credit scores and bad payment histories. What was once impossible for individuals with poor credit, has now been made possible through innovative new financial services such as loans for bad credit.

Safe Loans from Direct Lenders: Are They Any Cheaper?

Due to a common belief that procuring loans from direct lenders yield much more savings than securing loans with the help of loan brokers, borrowers these days often prefer to secure loans from direct lending institutions. Because loan brokers often charge certain fees for the services that they render, many borrowers tend to believe that they’ll save more when they procure their loans without the help of brokers. But while it may be true that borrowers may at times save money by borrowing from the lenders directly — there are far more benefits that only the services of loan brokers can yield.

Because loan brokers bank on their network of connections, these firms have extensive access to numerous different lenders across many different places. Through these connections, loan brokers have comprehensive access to many different deals and promotions that many different lenders offer across all their loan services. With this access, loan brokers are able to help borrowers find and compare the best deals and promotions being offered by many different lenders — allowing them more chances of long-term savings compared to procuring loans from firms involved in direct lending. And because loan brokers often offer borrowers extensive assistance in finding loans that best suits their financial situations, through the expert assistance of loan brokers,  borrowers have more chances of ultimately securing more savings in the long term.

In securing loans, however, be they online or personally, or with the assistance of brokers, or through the lenders directly — borrowers are strongly urged to take extra measures to ensure that they are dealing with legitimate brokering or lending firms.

Why Guarantor Loans are Safe Loans

Because most of the loan solutions designed to cater to the financial needs of individuals with bad credit are small loans that are usually arranged on short-term payment conditions — they do not always make the best solutions to every given financial situation. Financial conditions that call for more complicated solutions often cannot be addressed by small loans on short terms. Situations that require financial services in amounts that are far higher than what small loans usually have to offer are often best addressed with loans solutions that are payable over longer payment term conditions. In these types of financial conditions, guarantor loans often make great financial solutions.

Guarantor loans are loans procured by borrowers with the help of guarantors. Guarantors are simply individuals with good credit scores who are willing to vouch for the borrowers’ capability to pay off their loans completely. In case the borrower’s default on their loans for any given reason, guarantors are obliged to pay off the remaining payables under such loan conditions.

Through these types of loans, borrowers are able to enjoy the benefits that usually come with most conventional loans that are being offered by standard lending firms — even despite their poor credit scores and bad payment histories. But because these types of loans are secured loans that can only be acquired with the help of a guarantor, for many borrowers, guarantor loans do not always make plausible financial resolutions.

How to Get Safe Loans With No Guarantors

While guarantors loans do offer borrowers a plethora of benefits at impressively low-interest rates, the sheer difficulty of having to find people willing to take on the roles of guarantors often hinder borrowers from procuring these otherwise brilliant loan services. For individuals hoping to secure loans without having to seek the help of guarantors, no guarantor loans can be the best option. Through no guarantor loans, borrowers have the convenience of not only not having to enlist the help of people with good credit scores, they are also relieved the burden of having to submit additional requirements. With no guarantor loans, borrowers can expect for the fast processing of their applications, where approvals can be expected in just mere minutes, and the release of funds for approved loans can be completed within the same day of the applications’ submission.

In submitting applications for these innovative new loan solutions, borrowers are strongly urged to make certain that their application forms are duly filled up and complete, and that the required basic documents are not only complete but also verified authentic. Borrowers are warned that incomplete application forms and/or lacking requirements may lead to unnecessary delays in the processing of their applications, and in some conditions, even their outright rejection.

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